Kenya Coast Beach & Scuba Diving Holidays

Kenya’s 536 kilometers coastline is one of the country’s main attractions. The Kenya Coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with brilliant sandy white beaches, coral attols, mangrove forests, lagoons, creeks and secluded bays. The Kenya Coast is also welknown for the dhows sailing beyond the reef. The coast is a great tourism destination. In addition to the idylic beach life, the coast also offers world class entertainment, together with activities and accommodation facilities catering to a wide variety of tastes for the young as well as the adventurous people. The area is famous for colorful marine life, water sports and excellent scuba diving. All this produces a wonderful and vibrant culture with the unique coastal people known as the Swahili.


Mombasa the second largest city in Kenya and one of the main tourist destinations. It is located on the Eastern coastline of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean which has made it a popular destination for some of the finest beaches Africa has to offer. Mombasa also offers a diverse marine life, world-class hotels and friendly atmosphere. There is a tropical climate all year. Mombasa is a great destination filled with activities for all ages and the tourist areas around Nyali and Diani offer facilities for a first class beach holiday. 

Malindi and Watamu
Watamu is a beautiful small beach resort on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. It lies on a small headland, between the Blue Lagoon and Watamu Bay. Its main industries are tourism and fishing. Watamu offers a spectacular coral reef. 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa you can reach the larger town Malindi on Malindi Bay at the mouth of the Galana River. Malindi has been a Swahili settlement since the 14th century. The centre of the town has a Swahili atmosphere but apart from that it is also an international tourist resort. Once rivaled only by Mombasa for dominance in this part of East Africa, Malindi has traditionally been a port city for foreign powers.

Lamu Archipelago
The Lamu Archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of northern Kenya. The islands lies between the towns of Lame and Kiunga. It has been a trading post between Arabia and India since the 1500’s, buying and selling spices, mangrove poles, ivory and, until the turn of the century, slaves. Today the largest town in the archipelago is Lamu Town on Lamu Island. The town is on the World Heritage List. The archipelago contains several archaeological and historical sites of great significance, such as Takwa, Manda Town and Shanga.

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