Indigenous Tribes in Lower Omo Valley: 12 days

006_IMG_8674.jpg Lower Omo Valley is undoubtedly one of the most unique places on earth. It is located in the Great Rift Valley in Ethiopia and offers a wide variety of indigenous tribal people and animals that inhabit it. The region is wellknown and famous for its culture and diversity.

The tribes that live in the Lower Omo Valley are believed to be among the most fascinating on the continent of Africa and around the world. South Expedition Africa offers off the beaten tracks and ecological camping to several towns and villages. When you visit the Lower Omo Valley you have the chance to come into contact with the following tribes: Arbore, Ari, Bena, Bodi, Bumi, Daasanech, Dorze, Hamer, Kara, Konso, Kwegu, Mursi, Tsemay, Suri and Turkana.

It is estimated that the Lower Omo Valley is home to over 200,000 tribal people. Among the ancient African tribes that live in the southern part of Ethiopia, there is a wide variety of wildlife as well. Some of the animals that you will find there are the bitis arietans (a venomous viper species), crocodiles and hippos. The two main national parks in Omo Valley are the Omo National Park and the Mago National Park which are home to the majority of the wildlife in the valley.

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Day 1 Addis Ababa – Hosaena:
447km southwest via Melka Awash, Butajira “Gurage Tribe” Hosaena “Hadiya Zone” via Soddo “Wolayta Tribe” in to Arba Minch “Gamo Gofa Province”.
O/n Arba Minch

Day 2 Arba Minch – Jinka:
320km via Arba Minch “Gamo Gofa Province” via Karat-Konso & enter Lower Omo Valley in Weito visit Tsemay Tribe via Key Afer “Banna Tribe” in to Jinka to visit Ari Tribe Villagers.
O/n Jinka

Day 3 Mago National Park – Mursi:
Mago National Park Safari & visit Mursi Tribe Villagers. More info:
O/n Mago National Park H.Q., Camping “Bush toilet & portable camping shower/Neri River”

Day 4 Mursi – Jinka:
Visit other Mursi Tribe Villagers, afternoon Safari Mago Park & in to Jinka.
O/n Jinka

Day 5 Jinka – Turmi:
142km via Key Afer visit Banna Tribe & Market via Alduba in to Dimeka walk visit & in to Turmi “Hamer Tribe”.
O/n Turmi

Day 6 Turmi:
Hamer Tribe, searching for ceremonies & cultural-events! If possible Bull Jumping Ceremony, Wedding Ceremony & visit Schools & Pastoral Society.
O/n Turmi

Day 7 Turmi – Karo:
65 Savannah Plains in to Omo River “Karo Tribe” visit Korcho Village.
O/n Karo Village, Camping “Bush toilet & portable camping shower/Omo River”

Day 8 Kangate – Karo:
17km to Kangate & cross Omo River to visit Nyangatom Tribe Villagers & afternoon Murulle Camp walking trail.
O/n Karo Village, Camping “Bush toilet & portable camping shower/Omo River”

Day 9 Karo – Turmi:
Visit Dus Village/Karo Tribe & 65km in to Turmi for evening Evangadi Dance Show at Kaina Village.
O/n Turmi

Day 10 Turmi – Konso:
200km Arbore Tribe Villagers & via Weito Valley in to Karat-Konso to Machekie Village visiting Chief Kalla Gezahegn.
O/n Machike, Camping at Chief Kalla Gezahegn Campsite “Camp toilet & portable shower”

Day 11 Konso – Arba Minch: 
Visit Machike Village & Gesergio Village of Konso Tribe, afternoon Boat Excursion on Lake Chamo in Arba Minch.
O/n Arba Minch

Day 12 Arba Minch – Addis Ababa: 
Northeast via Shashemene, Rift Valley Lakes, Ziway in to Addis Ababa.

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