5 Days Archeological Tour


Best time to visit
The best time to visit Eritrea is October to March. These are regarded as the dry and pleasant months of the year across all the regions of the country.

The main wet season in Eritrea occurs from June to mid-September, with a smaller and lighter rainy season lasting from March to April. These are hotter months and are best avoided as the heavy rainfall not only adds to the humidity but also tends to restrict travel around the country. During these months temperatures may raise up to 40º C in some parts of the country.

The country has three climatic zones. The Central Highlands, the Red Sea Coastal Plains to the East and the Western Lowlands. The country's highlands have the most comfortable weather all through the year with annual temperatures around 18ºC and heavy down pours restricted to July and August. Annual temperatures in the western lowlands span 30-41ºC. The eastern coastlands are dry and arid where the mercury can rise to a frying 50ºC without hope of any rain whatsoever. This region is home to the Danakil Depression, renowned for its inhospitable intensity of climate.

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Day 1 Asmara City Tour 

  • The Peak of St Mary Cemetery where one can see the whole of Asmara.
  • The Medeber, where artisans recycle old tires and tins. They make shoes, oven, carpentry, red pepper mill. It was built circa 1912. 
  • The St Mary Church built circa 1900.
  • The Grand Mosque built circa 1920s
  • The Cathedral built circa 1920s
  • The Post office built 1916 f) Albergo Italia built 1899.
  • The Municipality established in 1890 H) Theatro Asmara built 1920s,
  • Cinema Odeon, Cinema Roma built 1920s,
  • Villa Roma built circa 1907 (now the residence of the Italian Embassy)

Overnight: Asmara

Day 2 Asmara - Massawa - Adulis - Zula - Massawa
From an altitude of 2400 meters to sea level in about 3 hours in to Massawa.
70 kilometers southeast, visit ancient Port of Adulis & Archeological site of Adulis.
Visit Zula near Annesley Bay on the Red Sea Coast.
These two ancient ports were a hub to the then vibrant trade that prevailed in the Middle East.
Overnight: Massawa

Day 3 Massawa – Green Belt – Asmara
45 kilometers visit the hot spring of Mai Wuuii, a gradual ascending will be enjoyed along the Green Belt. In the middle of the Green Belt there will be a spectacular view of one of Eritrea’s dense forest and watching some birds adoring the trees flying here and there and gazelles grazing along the way.
Overnight: Asmara

Day 4 Asmara – Adikeyh – Kohaito – Senafe
Southeast visit Dekemhare & proceed to Adi Keyh. Excursion to the Archaeological site in Kohaito, an ancient Dam, Pillars, traces of Ancient Palace, Rock Paintings, Tombs and view of the Grand Canyon. Visit the old road that uses to connect the area to the port city of Massawa and the neighboring Tigray in Ethiopia.
Overnight: Adi Keyh

Day 5 Senafe – Metera – Segeneiti – Asmara
25 kilometers south from Adi Keyih visit Senafe, a border town with neighboring Ethiopia.
Visit Archaeological site of an Ancient town in Belew kelew overshadow by the 2.5 meter erect Stele, demonstrating the ancient civilization in that area. Climb the Metera Mountain visit chains of the Ambassoira Mountains and then visit Ancient Church of St. Mary.
Return back to Asmara enjoying many sightseeing’s & views…
Overnight: Asmara

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