Ermias, was a brilliant companion and driver showing me Ethiopia. He managed me and the trip very well. I was very happy with everything he did, especially his driving and ability to manage the roads of Ethiopia. The incident with the wreckless (young and uninsured) Tuk Tuk driver was unavoidable (things like this happen all over the world), which Ermias also managed and dealt with the authorities excellently. For each day of the trip, the experience of the surroundings and environment just got better and better, I have virtually filled my cloud account up with all the photos I have taken! Camping in the Simien mountains with the team was spectacular, despite getting sunburnt ( I am pale and English, what do you expect!) I was taken care of very well. Taking a bit of time in Lalibela was fantastic too, walking up the mountain etc., was spectacular, especially with the help of the guide. Overall, Ethiopia is a stunning country with amazing people. I will like to come back. May 2023

Chris from UK

Dear Nathaniel, sorry for the late reply, but we are still travelling in Seychelles and wanted to give you comprehensive feedback after our return home, when we have more time. What we can tell you already know is that the tour with Ermias was a great experience and we enjoyed it a lot. Besides the interesting sightseeing points, Ermias took care of us and really made the trip a pleasure. He is an excellent driver, which is of great need in Ethiopia, always in a good mood and taking care of our needs and expectations. March 2023

Markus & Ingrid

Thank you so much! The trip was great and Ermias was an excellent driver. Alongside managing some very challenging roads very safely, we also appreciated that he helped us arrange a guide and picked us up from right where our trekking trail ended in Bale Mountains, saving us the trip back to Dinsho HQ. What great service! We will certainly be in touch with you should we plan any future trips through the country. Hopefully in the next year or so if we can make it back. March 2020

Anitra from United Kingdom

We are back in Vienna now. It was a very interesting trip and Ermias was a good guide and a good driver. The weather was not too good, many days rain. Most interesting the tribes, but it is very much touristic and commercialized. Always interesting Lalibela at the end. Let me know when you become next time to Europe, perhaps we can arrange a meeting, also with Ermias. Could you please give me the email of Ermias, I also want to write him? December 2019

Herwig from Austria

Excellent driver Getachew Adane (Gesho), more a guide and a friend than a driver - Flexible itinerary - Easy payment - My 4th trip with South Expedition Africa, never a single problem ("tchigri yellem"). November 2019

Hubert from France

I had a wonderful time in Ethiopia. Gecho did an amazing job, as always. We spent 2 weeks in Mursi area visiting beautiful villages and great tribal people. There was a dance almost every evening, the people and children were so friendly. We stayed in Labuk (Karo) for 2 nights and we joined a 3 days wedding ceremony there, the first night we even got invited to a goat dinner, because this is tradition. We spent a week in Hamer villages and Ebore villages. Thanks to Gecho we always camped directly in the village on the compound of the tribal people. I still have all the wonderful songs of the dances in my head. October 2019

Dietmar, Germany

Wonderful organization - our guide Gecho was outstanding. We enjoyed every minute and he carefully adapted the itinerary to the changes that we were introducing on the spot. August 2019

Jehu from Dubai

We had a fantastic time and were able to change our schedule according to local special events happening, local markets etc. We visited in November 2014 for 16 days and were 4 women in the 4-wheel drive car with the fantastic Gecho, who was our organizer, coordinator, driver. Very knowledgeable about everything. Highly recommended. January 2019

Lisbet from Jakarta

Eight times I have been to Ethiopia mainly for photography. Every single time was fantastic. Beautiful landscape, great people and so many different cultures. Something to see and do for everyone. Gecho was (is) always a great, fantastic, helpful guide and driver (and a friend by now). He takes care of you and your equipment, helps with information and ideas, likes to sit together but gives you time and space for yourself. And if a situation is complicated Gecho will find a solution. There is no way not to like Gecho and traveling with him. South Expedition Africa (Nathaniel) always worked fine with good arguments for and against my plans. But we always found fantastic solution. He won't promise things he can't keep. October 2018

Felix from Germany

Back in civilization. It was once again a fascinating and exciting time together with Gecho, even if it was very rainy and I was sick for a short time. Had the glory to be able to witness the three most important ceremonies. Donga and Kelonga were the highlights. But also the encounters with the many lovable people force me to return there. So I will stay true to South Expedition Africa. Photos are there as usual a bit later. Thank you again for the good organization. November 2017

Rainer from Germany

Everything was fine. The time with Gecho was great again. After four times with him in Kibish, he is a friend. The only problem: RAIN. But luckily I took the big tent (the one you have now). We couldn´t cross the Kibish river and not go to Omo river. I didn´t make more than 200 (!) photos this time … just enjoyed the time there. August 2017

Felix from Germany

Hallo Nathaniel and Ermias,

Sorry for just write this for you both as I am just back 2 day ago from our trip in Kenya, I would like to say thank you for all the effort and cooperation during our last trip in Ethiopia and that's was make me more believe that we can build MORE Ethiopian program in the future, maybe NOT only Omo Valley. Last Team worked so good and solid, we solved many things together with full stomach with good food and I hope we can work together again for our next tour with the same team and with nice car more proper and comfort to manage the baggage and carry all the people in (including ranger and guide).... There's no complaint this time, only evaluation for all of us as we are TEAMWORK..... Thanks a lot for your Excellent Job ERMIAS.

We also believe that we got positive sign from Ethiopian Airline which indicates to hold us as ground team to handle Ethiopian Holiday in Indonesia.... I hope it will run soon and Ethiopian Airline can landed in Jakarta Airport, I will let you know about this progress later cause if we can hold everything from them, it's possible to us to open Pilgrims Journey for Indonesian as we are the largest Muslim country in the world. Ok let's pray for our sustainable future cooperation, I am so happy that what I believe since my own journey in Ethiopia 4 years ago will be came true to bridge our both nation know each other's better. Again, thank you for everything. If you have any point about our last journey please share here for our evaluation together ok. July 2017

Regard from Indonesia, Ev

My second tour with Gecho, this time in the north and east of Ethiopia, was again an experienced-packed tour. Filled with a lot of new impressions and some adventures (climb to Abuna Yemata and Debre Damo inspite of my vertigo; it has been worth this effort, thanks to this reliable helpers), I plan to come back in August this year and hopefully I can do this trip again with Gecho. What a wonderful country and loving people. Thanks to Gecho, without him and his helpful ideas as well as the opportunity of spontaneous change of our tour schedule, this trip would only be half as good. His pleasant and knowledgeable personality makes this journey once again an unforgettable event. The choice of accommodations and restaurants has always been perfect. I am therefore already looking forward to our next trip to the Upper Omo Valley. May 2017

Rainer from Germany

Molla was very professional at all times and Ermias very good and carefull driver. Ermias was also very on on attending to our requests at all the time. The Mursi and Bull Jumping experiences were very good but I think that all of we most liked was the hiking to Hudad, such a amazing walk, people and Lodge. I just think that our experience at Mursi and Karo could include one or two more villages. Nathaniel, once again, thanks a lote for everything and please say thanks again to Ermias. Also, I would like to send the message to Molla about our guide to Hudad, that was Mesfin, a very nice person. August 2016

Lorenzo from Brazil

We are very happy with the many memories which have been made possible by your excellent planning of our journey and especially by both your pleasant guides. Ermias - the careful and dependable driver who took us to our destinations even when the tracks were hard to drive. Gecho - always looking out for special events and guiding us safely and prudently to our destinations. We have found new friends. Take good care of these two "pearls" of your organization.

Franziska & Bernhard from Germany

The expedition in Ethiopia was great, we loved the plan and our drivers (they were really organised and we had a lot of good time with them). So we would like to thank you very much and i hope we will have opportunity to visit Ethiopia one more time in the future.

Patrick and Tomas from Poland

I´m back from one of my most experienced and impressive travels I ever had. Thank you for your excellent organisation. With Gecho I had a marvellous and in all matters experiences accompaniest with whom I never felt a second of boredem. We had a really nice time together. We started our trip in the Hamarregion, for me the most lovable people of all visited tribes. I´d like to stay there for a longer time.

Rainer from Germany

This was our second trip with Nathaniel’s team at South Expedition Africa and it did not disappoint. After an incredible, and flexible trip to Ethiopia 2 year ago, this time we chose to explore southern Kenya. The trip was just what we were looking for. Before our departure South Expedition Africa was instrumental in helping us decided where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see. They offered us a number of excellent options, and this was greatly appreciated. In the end we decided on a week in the Masai Mara. The week was relaxing as we spent our mornings driving about the park looking for animals with our private car and driver, and our afternoons with our feet up by the river watching the hippos play. The lodge was top-notch with incredible service, great food and a stunning location. Could not have asked for more. A huge thank you to the South Expedition Africa team, looking forward to our next trip with them. June 2015

Peter Lublink

We had really a great trip. Gecho is so helpful, so friendly! He always gives good advice for choosing restaurants, hotel with good ratio comfort/budget… No problems encountered (except with the local agency for simian trip). It was a good idea to have an internal flight (Addis Ababa-Lalibella) which gives extra time to enjoy. February 15th – March 5th, 2015

PERES Hubert & TATE Blandine from France

From a letter to Nathaniel:
I think it all started under a lucky star that you Manfred had (as always) selected the best suitable tour operator for us ... And in fact Nathaniel, whatever we requested, South Expedition Africa, promptly offered a perfectly fitting itinerary. Considering the North tour, we feel we’ve asked for a rather compact package, as Reinhard and Manfred had pretty limited time available. But nevertheless you made it possible that we did not miss any highlight of this part. But we are also convinced that this was only possible because Ermias performed this tour. Not only that he is a top class professional driver, but he also is always open to adapt to any request or advising us for alternatives. We (Anneliese and Alfred) were traveling with him almost one month that means about 4500 km (!) overland. We never felt unsafe at any moment of the trip (in contrast to our experience with minibuses ;-), even if road conditions and traffic situations were challenging sometimes.
The South appeared to us as a very tribal organized society, maybe that what a European sees as the “original Africa”. Also here, Nathaniel, thank you so much for amending the South tour short before our start, because it fully matched with our expectations, in fact we received much more than this. Nature, Tribes, Markets and traditional performances such as the famous bull jump ritual were really overwhelming! So you see that we enjoyed our trip through Ethiopia a lot and we’ll highly recommend this in the traveler community! It is truly a peaceful, colorful and authentic country, which all friends of Africa must see!
We had a great journey! We experienced a wonderful country in all its expressions and will surely keep this trip as one of the top class in our mind. Ermias, Nathaniel, Manfred, Reinhard and Thomas, thank you all for being our organizer, operator, guide, driver, advisor, travel mate and friend! January 31st – February 22nd, 2015

Anneliese and Alfred Kristoferitsch from Austria

I would like to thank you again for the organisation of this wonderful trip to the northern region of Ethiopia. The tour planning was tuned exactly to our needs and the cost information about the available hotels and entrance & guide fees were accurate. Our driver Ermias did a perfect and competent job on the Ethiopian roads, which needs special attention and care. January 31st – February 9th, 2015

Manfred Weitzer from Austria

Just to let you know everything is perfect! Awesome trip in a beautiful country with Gecho! Many thanks in advance. Greetings from Arba Minch, December 13th – January 3rd, 2015

Stef Hendrix from Belgium

Thank you and Ermias very much for an utterly fascinating and fulfilling journey in the southern portion of your country! Your company is blessed to have Ermias as an associate! December 14th-23rd, 2014

Jody Villanueva from USA

We liked the trip to south Omo Valley. We liked the scenery, the tribes, the markets and the people. But we prefer go more time because we need more time for visit, assimilate, and absorb all. We have been very happy with your company and with Ermias. We liked camp next to the tribe because we can take another emotion. We recommend this experience for another people. The tribes which we liked more were Arboré, Mursi and Hammer. But for take our opinion it is necessary visit all the tribes. We will like come back to spend several days in Arbore and we will dance all the night!!!!!It is possible we will come back to visit Danakil and the Suri tribe. We love Ethiopia and the people. We wish your country to go up. November 15th-26th, 2014

Marcos Serrano Dola from Spain

Firstly, we would like to thank you for this very interesting visit to your country. Beautiful and amazing landscapes, archaeological remains of the very important and almost unknown Axum Kingdom, Gondar and his castles, unique in Africa, primitives Christian rites and astonishing rock architecture... Our main areas of interest: nature, history, religion, architecture have been approached and that without any trouble. We are very satisfied with your services.

Ana and Jaime from Spain

My friend and I had an excellent tour of the Lower Omo Valley with South Expedition Africa. Before the actual tour, I liaised with Nathaniel, the tour owner, and he tailored a itinerary for us to suit what we wish to see, we were very keen in visiting the different tribes of the Omo Valley and Nathaniel took care in including visits to the different and diverse tribes there. During the tour, we had a very good time. Ermias, our driver, is a very dedicated driver, and took good care of us and our needs during the tour. He is a very safe driver and takes great care while on the road. Ermias' rich experience as a tour driver is also seen in being able to bring us to tourist-friendly accommodation and restaurants that are suitable to our personal needs and budget. The pace of the itinerary was just right, and we had adequate time to learn about the traditions and culture, and enjoy plenty of photo opportunities at each tribe we visited. Importantly, Ermias is very reliable as a driver and we could trust his judgment and acumen during the tour. Also, it helps that Ermias is a jolly man, and his positivity helped made the tour very enjoyable. Overall, my friend and I are very happy to have utilised the services of South Expedition Africa. It is a very reliable company, thanks to the customer-oriented owner and staff, and it truly made our first trip to Africa an unforgettable and wonderful one. Thank you Nathaniel and Ermias!

Gavin (Singapore) and Ariel (Israel)

It was a wonderful trip in Ethiopia, Gecho was very nice, he was perfect, useful with his explications, but i was free like i wanted for find hotel, restaurant... he is a good driver but his behave goes more far than that. Really i had a great time, thank you very much. We didn t have problem, Gecho was always on time... thank you again to him and to you for the organisation.

Francois Vernay

About our travel, it has been very interesting and you have a nice full country far away the ideas we can have in our countries. Our stay in South has been a change of scene for us, especially in Omo Valley. Our driver Gecho has had a lot to do with it. More than a driver he is also a good guide, he shares his knowledge and gives us benefits; briefing on what we are doing and seeing, giving us the feedback of the others drivers and taking care about our tourist’s interests. Sometimes the road trip was long but he has given up that pleasant: we have had a lot of exchanges about Ethiopian way of life and have learnt a lot with him. I think we have a new friend in Ethiopia.

Alphonse & Simone

Everything went well. Gecho is a really good driver but also a perfect organizer and a friend. We had a great time, wonderful discussions and a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. His advices were all the time helpful for our tour. And next to our itinerary there was enough flexibility in every situation. There was actually one “problem”: the weather (quite a bit of rain). But what do I expect during rainy season?! I will definitely come back to Ethiopia and would really appreciate to go again with South Expedition Ethiopia and with Gecho as our driver! Thanks for a great trip to Ethiopia and I am really looking forward to my next (fourth) tour to Kibish and the South.


Nous avons fait avec Nathaniel 2 circuits de 3 semaines chacun, en 2008, dans le sud. Ce fut une expérience inoubliable. Nathaniel est très fiable, prudent sur la route, très souple : on a pu s'arranger pour faire tous les marchés du sud (Dorze, Key Afer, Dimeka, Turmi), assister à un bull jumping chez les Hamers (magique !) ... Il sait trouver les hôtels et resto adaptés à vos goûts et votre bourse. En plus il est vraiment très gentil, très calme, et son anglais est parfait pour nous francophones. Lors du premier voyage, on a été jusqu'au plateau du Sanetti, grandiose. Le second voyage s'est fait côté Surmis, via Jimma, Mizan Teferi, Dima, mais la route pour Turgit était bloquée par les inondations. Attention : cela fait beaucoup de km ! Prévoir suffisamment de temps !

Hubert Pérès

We visited Southern Ethiopia on December 2012 with South Expedition Africa. We visited Lower Omo valley, Konso villages and Dorzie tribe in the Mountains and Nachisar National Park. Program of this trip was very interested and well organized. Nathaniel - the owner of the office is very flexible and give you what you need, despite we had only e-mail contact with him. Ethiopia is an amazing country, with many attractions and what is the most important -with many nice, friendly and very honorable people. Such wonderful man is Gecho, our new friend from Ethiopia. He was our driver and guide in this trip. He helped us to see, touch and taste many goods of Southern Ethiopia. He adjusted our program to have possibilities to see all markets in Lower Omo valley and join a celebration of Bull Jumping in Hammer Tribe. After few days of our trip he became a member of our family. Thank's a lot, Gecho. Greetings from Poland.

Kuba and Ania

I’ve been to a little more than 30 countries thus far and can confidently say that my trip to Ethiopia was one of the best trips yet. We had the chance to visit the magnificent ancient ruins of Lalibela, to relax on the beautiful shores of Lake Tana and to visit intriguing villages and communities along the way. Both prior to and during our trip to Ethiopia, South Expedition Africa was on hand to give insight and experience. Our guide Gecho was always ready to provide helpful commentary as well as suggestions on where to head next. However he was always sure to remind us that because it was our trip, it was ultimately always our choice. From hotels to sightseeing, Gecho never made decisions for us, but told us about the various options available, allowing us to make an informed decision. This was most appreciated, and helped make the trip feel like an absolute perfect fit. Our thanks to Gecho and the staff of South Expedition Africa for helping us put together such an amazing week. Looking forward to travelling with you again!

Peter Lublink – Teacher

Our impression was overall very positive. Dawit was very knowledgeable and eager to please. He did a nice job of finding us local folks to assist, and he appeared to know almost everyone. He did a great job overall. And your itinerary was very enjoyable. The tribes we did see were very interesting to us and we were VERY surprised by how wonderfully friendly everyone was. It was a real pleasure trying to interact with people. In retrospect, we would have liked spending additional time also seeing the Muri tribe, but I think that must have been a much longer drive to an even more remote area. Finally, it proved highly valuable to have a good guide, as we'd have been lost most of the time if we had tried to drive this ourselves.


Our tour experience was excellent thanks to your program and your professionalism. We had a trip of a lifetime in this difficult part of Ethiopia. The drivers' politeness, patience and knowledge made the perfect company for us. Of course I will make a very positive report on tripadvisor.com about South Expeditions Africa as soon as I return to my country.


Many thanks for organising our  trip to Ethiopia. We had a wonderful time. Your choice of driver for us was perfect. Getachew was a very good driver. Most pleasant, patient and polite. His English was first class. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who was thinking of visiting Ethiopia. Our thanks again for making such a wonderful trip possible.

Brian and Linda Matthews

We are very happy to have met you for this first trip in Ethiopia. We have been very satisfied of your services. This trip has been perfect. No breakdown for the car, no loose of the time. Ernias has been for us a very good driver, a very good guide and a very good trading member in the Karo, Hamer, and Mursi villages. Thank you Ermias. We have appreciated your professional agency. Thank to you we have do a very good trip. Thank you for all, and for your help.

Jean Marie Calabrese

Our traveling was very good because Ermias is a very good driver and simpatical. We have change a little the itinerary and that was very good! Thank you again and maybe at a next time!


Our trip went very well indeed. Gabriel did an excellent job. Firstly he is a safe, cautious driver, he found all the places we wanted to visit, and also good hotels along the way. Also he was good to chat to, with his insights into the recent history and how people live in Ethiopia. We had an excellent trip, and should recommend you to other travellers.

Alasdair and Gerda

We had a very good time. Our driver was a great guy, and we were very pleased with the tour we did in North and East-Ethiopia. It is of course a big country and there remains a lot to explore for us. Personnaly I enjoyed the Simien mountains a lot, but also Aksum and Lalibela were great. Driving around we saw great landscapes and a lot of the daily life, things that tourists who fly around in Ethiopia don't see of course. The service you offered with South Expedition Africa was perfect. We will certainly recommend you to other people who want to travel in Ethiopia.


My trip to the Southern Ethiopia was great. My driver Gemmart was a friendly and safty driver, and he drove as much as he can for my program even it was night and dark around. Because Germmart and Fitsum are really nice, I really enjoyed my trip and 8 days past so fast. Please say thank you to Fitsum and Gemmart for taking me to Southern Ethiopia and giving me a good time. I am eager to visit Ethiopia and I am eager to go back to the Southern again!


I have very good memories of my trip to Ethiopia. A lot of this is due to the excellent services rendered by Gecho. His excellent knowledge, language skills, driving skills, integrity and his pleasant character are only some of the positive things that come to my mind when thinking of him. His contribution was instrumental to the success of our trip.