Surma Tribe, Lake Turkana & Lower Omo Valley, 14 days

slide_137.jpg The Suri people are semi-nomadic cattle herders and live on the west side of the Omo River in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. This area is still much undeveloped, only unpaved roads lead to the heart of the Suri settlements: Kibish. Suri people have a cattle-centered culture, the wealth of a family is measured by the number of animals owned. Usually the animals are not eaten unless a big ceremony takes place or a family member is sick. The animals are used for milk and blood.

The Suri culture demands that the men are trained as warriors as well as cattle herders. Stick-fighting events like the 'Zegine' (or 'Saginay', also commonly known as Donga, the Amharic name for the stick fights) take place to train boys and young men and also to allow them to meet women. This area is still quite untouched, and there are plenty of opportunities to see and experience the traditional life of the Suri tribe. The Suri people love to sing and dance, especially in full moon nights. If you are lucky you can see scarification, blood drinking ceremonies and other traditional rituals of the Suri people. All in all a wonderful experience.

Day 1:
Southwest via Wolliso in  to Jimma. Overnight Jimma.

Day 2:
Southwest via Shebe, Bonga, Shishinda, Mizan Teferi, Aman, Bebeka, Dima in to Tulgit “Surma Tribe”. Overnight Tulgit, Camping.

Day 3:
Visit three tribes of Surma Tribe which are Mursi, Chai & Tirma, possible to drive 15km downhill to Anjo\Kibish River. Overnight Surma, Camping.

Day 4:
Finalize Surma Tribe. Overnight Surma Village, Camping.

Day 5:
Via Bebeka, Mizan Teferi, Shishinda, Uaca, Dimbira, Weshi, Dara, Bonga to Jimma. Overnight Jimma.

Day 6:
Southeast via Dedo, Met'oso, Bersisi & cross Omo River via Roba, Tarcha Sodo, Gena Bosa, Zima, Koysha Bele'eka in to Sodo. Overnight Sodo.

Day 7:
South via Arba Minch in to Karat-Konso & afternoon visit Konso Tribe. Overnight Konso.

Day 8:
Lower Omo Valley via Erobre Tribe in to Turmi “Hamer Tribe”. Overnight Turmi, Buska Lodge & Campsite.

Day 9:
Visit Turmi’s Hamer Monday’s Market & afternoon to Omorate & cross Omo River to visit Daasanech Tribe Villager’s. Overnight Omorate, Camping.

Day 10:
Lake Turkana Expedition. Overnight Omorate, Camping.

Day 11:
North via Park Savanna Plains in to Murulle\Omo River.

Day 12:
Visit Kara Tribe at Kolcho Village & Dus Village, afternoon drive to Turmi for overnight.

Day 13:
Northeast via Erobre, Weito Valley, Karat-Konso in to Arba Minch. Overnight Arba Minch.

Day 14:
Northeast via Sodo, Hosiana, Butajira, Tiya, Addis Alem in to Addis Ababa, end.

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